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Criminal Matters

The client was serving a 50 year term of imprisonment after being found guilty by a jury, of Sexual Assault in the 1st Degree, Kidnapping and Assault 1st. After completing 10 years in prison, Attorney Ansell took over representation of the client. Her hard work and investigation revealed that the client's former attorney committed unethical and unprofessional acts which compromised the attorney's ability to represent the client zealously and effectively; more specifically hold the client's interests paramount. After a nineteen day trial, Attorney Ansell was able to prove the attorney rendered ineffective assistance of counsel causing the client to be convicted when the evidence, if it had it been presented properly, would have resulted in an acquittal. The State appealed but the decision was upheld and the client was released from prison. It was a case of first impression and made new law about drawing an adverse inference when a witness in a civil matter invokes the Fifth Amendment right not to testify for fear of incriminating himself/herself. Attorney Ansell takes pride in hard work and preparation to advocate for her clients and more importantly will not compromise the truth being vetted out.

Joyner v. Warden, 55 Conn. App. 602

A man was accused by a woman he met online of physically assaulting her after he announced that the relationship was not working out. She claimed he pushed her down the stairs causing her to suffer broken bones in her foot. The State prosecuted the man for assault and a sundry of other charges. He was not having any of it and retained Ansell Laben Law Offices to represent him. We took the case to trial before a jury. The State had a medical doctor testify about the injuries the woman suffered and she also testified in support of her accusations. On cross examination of the complainant, we were able to show the jury that she was not wearing her glasses and that she in fact tripped over a suitcase and did not fall down the stairs. The jury was out for a short period of time and returned a verdict of not guilty. There's no case too small. If it is affecting our client we will try it!

State v. Sweedler

Family Matters

Having achieved a reputation of successfully trying cases with great results, Attorney Ansell is able to deploy her skills in resolving complex matters without ever stepping in court. That is what we bring to the table at Ansell Laben Law Offices. When Attorney Ansell was retained by the spouse of a very successful businessman with several ventures valued in the millions of dollars, to represent her in a divorce, Attorney Ansell went to work by having experts in business and commercial real estate appraise the marital estate and skillfully resolved the case through mediation with a retired judge without even stepping into court until the time the parties had to appear before the judge to approve their agreement and declare them divorced. Such skill saved the client tens of thousands of dollars in attorney's fees and minimized the emotional roller coaster divorce litigation could have fraught upon the parties.

When the wife of a well-known local divorce attorney needed an attorney to represent her in her own divorce, she retained Attorney Ansell who proceeded to prove that her husband's income was substantially more than what he reported on sworn financial affidavits to the court. When the trial court made errors in its decision, and refused to correct these errors when pointed out, Attorney Ansell took an appeal and won. It is well known that appellate courts grant wide latitude to trial judges in family matters, so winning an appeal and reversal of the trial court's decision in a family case is no small feat. Our legal skills including, but not limited to trial and appellate advocacy, won the day.

A gentleman became tired of his wife's alcohol abuse and he retained Attorney Ansell to represent him in a divorce. Attorney Ansell laid the ground work early and set the theme of the case that remained in place throughout to achieve a favorable result for her client with very minimal court intervention. Resources in valuing retirement and real estate assets came to bear along with a steadfast determination to preserve the client's significant retirement nest egg. A successful result was achieved without incurring substantial attorney's fees that would have been spent by both parties if the case went to trial. Saving assets for the family unit is always our goal and we encourage fair settlements. However, we are not afraid to go to the mat to protect our clients' interests and needs.

A divorced mother was offered an opportunity of a lifetime by her employer to take a position overseas lasting three years to advance her career that was otherwise stagnant and not going anywhere fast. We were retained to represent this lady as her ex-husband who shared legal and physical custody of the child and had significant access time, objected to the move and sought to block the mother from leaving with the child. The guardian ad litem appointed by the court sided with the father and made recommendations that father be awarded physical custody of the child. After a hearing we were able to convince the Court that the move was not only in the best interest of the minor child (via exhibits and pictures of the wonderful school the child would be attending and the cultural enrichment the child would experience) but also how the mother's career would benefit greatly thus making her family unit more financially secure and stable in the long run. Our advocacy resulted in the mother moving with her child while allowing for a continuing strong bond with the father via SKYPE and summer visits. (Citation omitted)

Tax Matters

A small business owner subject of sales and use tax audit by the Department of Revenue Services was found to owe over $182,000.00 in taxes, interest and penalties. We were hired by the client to defend against the crushing audit results. During the appeal process, we were able to settle the matter for less than one tenth of what was owed after presenting a compelling argument why settlement for a much lesser amount was appropriate.

The Department Of Revenue Services conducted sales and use tax audit of a gas station operator and went back more than three years alleging fraud and gross negligence. As a result, the client was assessed over $60,000.00 in taxes, interest and penalties. We were able to resolve this matter favorably for the client by making payment for a fraction of what was owed saving the client tens of thousands of dollars and sleepless nights.

Worker's Compensation

A firefighter was diagnosed with hypertension related to the many years of stressful service to the community. The municipality refused to pay for the permanent damage suffered as a result. Client retained our firm to pursue the claim and after many settlement discussions and input from experts about the permanent damage, future medical care, and life expectancy, the matter was settled successfully in an amount appropriate to compensate for the harm done.

An individual got hit on the head by a falling box at her place of employment and hired us to pursue an injury claim against the employer (a well-known national retail chain). Our client was unable to return fully to work as a result of the concussion suffered and the severe migraines caused by the head injury. Our experience resulted in a favorable settlement for the client despite the employer disputing the severity of the injury.

A worker suffered a hernia from lifting an object at work and required surgery. The worker retained our firm because the employer was giving the individual a hard time about paying for time lost from work. Our client's hernia injury was serious enough to cause limitations on future employment. In Connecticut a hernia is not a classified body part that results in an award for permanent disability which means the individual is entitled to time lost from work and medical treatment only. We utilized great skill in navigating around the statutes to obtain a substantial settlement for the client by arguing that a hernia is akin to a back injury as the core strength of the person is implicated.

Personal Injury

Our client was crossing a busy intersection in the dark with a group of people while extremely intoxicated and got hit by a car. There was a dispute whether the light was green for cars to pass and whether the client was in the designated crossing lane. Investigation by the police department and interviews of eyewitnesses were inconclusive as to who was at fault. An accident reconstruction expert helped us put forward a convincing case that the driver was more at fault for the accident which helped us secure a large settlement for the client.

Our client was driving on a highway when another motorist collided with his vehicle causing serious injuries to the client. Our investigation revealed that the driver who did not own the car, had a separate auto insurance policy aside from the owner of the vehicle. We were able to secure the full limits of all available insurance coverages including the client's own auto policy for underinsured coverage, resulting in a six figure settlement.

A minor client was at a licensed daycare facility playing with other kids in the playground. The child fell from an apparatus to the ground and broke an arm. The daycare facility denied liability claiming the child was "rough housing". We were able to prove not only negligent supervision but also deficiency in the design of the playground itself. Our expert witness who examined the site, testified that the playground did not have sufficient absorbing material thus contributing to the severity of the injury. Our client received a substantial award and head start on his future as a result.

Our client was skate boarding while holding on to the back of a friend's car. When the car suddenly stopped, the client fell under the vehicle and sustained head injuries. The insurance company refused to pay claiming the client was negligent. Our investigation revealed that the driver was more at fault for stopping suddenly without an apparent reason. The insurance company tendered its policy limits via structured settlement which resulted in substantial payments to the client over a number of years.